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3 in 1 Pack (15 Premium Presets + 15 wallpapers + Exclusive blog)

$59.99 USD

This 3 in 1 Pack consists of 15 Premium Presets, 15 free wallpapers and an Exclusive blog on 30 total tips on photography, editing, and social media growth.

Q: Before and After examples?

A: Click the link here -> Before/After

Q: How do I import the presets into Lightroom?

A: Click the link here -> Installation help

Q: Are these presets the same as the other ones?

A: They are totally different so not to worry on duplicates.

Q: May I see some of the wallpapers given?

A: Click the link here -> 15 of them

Q: Do they work on Lightroom Mobile?

A: Click the link here to learn how to - > Transfer to LR Mobile

Q: Where is the exclusive blog?

A: Once purchased, you will recieve instructions on how to access the blog, a password will be given to you.

Q: My photos does not look as ideal as I thought

A: The presets created are catered to different scenes, in different light and environment. Don't panic if it does not do the magic with one button, the preset acts as a base and you can fine tune it with the adjustments to however you like.

Q: How many presets comes in this product?

A: 15 Presets , 14 coloured and 1 black and white.

Q: I did not receive the download link

A: It might have went to your spam mail, please check.

Q: Which Lightroom version do these presets work on?

A: The presets will work on all Lightroom Classic CC. There are two file types available in it for each preset, XMP and lrtemplate. XMP for Lightroom version 7.3 and above.

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